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Meet the Founder

Jordan Agee is first and foremost an exotic car enthusiast and lover of being behind the wheel. He was proudly born and raised Texan, with a minor stint in Georgia when he was a kiddo. Jordan majored in Economics in college and left a serial businessman. He says his passion for business and people is what drives him to continue creating new brands, a process he began at age 18. At the moment, the 30-year-old owns SupercarsInDallas, CoutureDallas, and Agee Steel Detailing, with plenty more ideas in development.

As a young boy, Jordan was always fascinated with cars, martial arts, and music. Not much has changed in his three decades on this planet. A second-degree black belt in American Karate, Jordan has taught students from age 3 to 89 in different martial arts styles, including Krav Maga, Escrima/Arnis, Olympic-style Fencing, and Medieval Broadsword. It is from this training that he says he learned to carry the discipline required to control multiple businesses in varying industries. As a musician, Jordan created original works in guitar and electronic music, and took honors for his vocals. Reflecting on the influence music has had on his life, Jordan said, ”I feel the structure of music and the power of notes and beats to move a person is one of the greatest teachers life has. We all should listen, not necessarily to lyrics, but to what music itself has to say.”

Now he spends his time mostly cultivating the brands he helms into the local leaders of their respective markets. He is on track to meet his teenage goal of his first million dollars at age 32 and retirement at age 35. His former high school sweetheart and now wife is by his side to support his dreams and goals along with their hairless cat, Loki. Jordan credits them with keeping him grounded and sane through the roller coaster ride of life.

He loves meeting new people and exploring new opportunities! Come say hello at Cars&Cocktails!

“SupercarsInDallas was the natural progression of my boyish passion for driving, for cars, and my great love of building businesses and communities. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to call this my job!” -Jordan

Jordan Agee