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The SupercarsInDallas Story

SupercarsInDallas was born of innate passion. The year was 1993, and in a tiny town outside of Savannah, Georgia, a little boy of four was sitting beside his mom in their 1986 beige Toyota Camry at a stoplight. It may have been the glint of the sun off the Venom Red paint? Perhaps it was the low thrum of a manic beast of ten cylinders attempting to breach the known boundaries of physics as it stormed through the intersection? All little Jordan could do was stare as his first encounter with a supercar absolutely melted his innocent mind. “Mommy, what was that?!”, he blurted out, still under the spell of the lines on the machine. “I think that was a Viper, Jordy! You like that one?”, said his mom.

Did I LIKE that one?! Nothing save Batman and the Power Rangers could distract me from the image of that car, and from then on, it was cars or bust!

Years went on, and for better or worse, the little boy grew into a teenage driver! His KIA Optima LX V6 was his freedom. That’s right, V6, baby! He was king of the world. Videogames went from fighting, FPS, RTS, and RPGs to GranTurismo, Need For Speed, and Driver. He damn near memorized every piece of information in GranTurismo 2. Cars were an obsession. His allowance went to MotorTrend, Road & Track, and Car and Driver. By now, the kid had fallen hard for the products of a little operation outside of Munich. Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Transporter, his buddy’s mom’s 330i, and his girlfriend’s dad’s Z3 3.0i had pretty much sealed BMW’s position at the zenith of Jordan’s world. So much so, he went to work for his local dealer as a valet just so he could drive the things.

That’s where the love of driving evolved into a more than a hobby. I got a set of keys to take a client car out to Texas Motor Speedway. Seemed like a normal assignment. The keys were to a 2002 e39 M5. Where do you begin when your life consists of a 178 horsepower KIA and AP English homework and you start up a 400 horsepower V8 in one of the greatest sport sedans in the history of mankind? A flick of a key in the ignition and first gear was the answer. That drive changed me- changed everything, really. My head had never been more calm, and I had never in my life experienced such raw happiness as I did on that drive. Don’t fret, I wasn’t too hard on the customer’s car :P. I was addicted to performance cars, and I hungered for it. I needed this is my life. I was hooked.

By the time I turned 18, I had saved a few thousand dollars from the jobs I had taken on since age 15, and it was time to replace the faithful KIA. There was only one car company I would even consider for my first purchase of my own. I ached for an M car but was in no position to make that a reality yet. I nabbed a 2006 BMW Z4 3.0Si Roadster off a Nissan dealer’s used car lot. The world was mine in that car, and each time I’d fire up the little inline six, it was bliss.

Then, on my 19th birthday, and thanks to a good friend (to this day) who was far more experienced both as a driver and an enthusiast, I stumbled into my first auto club. I didn’t even realize these existed. It was a collection of M enthusiasts who happened to own other performance cars including exotics. My first up close encounters with Ferrari, Lamborghini, the incredible Ford GT, and many others happened under the wing of these amazing people. I learned about tuning, racing, the type of arcane minutia only “real” car people dedicate their lives to- and was all the happier for it. For the next two years, those Saturday meets became my reason for making it through the work week.

Then the company I had put my 70-hour weeks into ran into a spot of trouble and was forced to reorganize and money became scarce. I had to trade the Z4 into a lower payment and played in the tuner circles with an 8th gen Civic Si. While tons of fun, it was never really the same. A little more money came in and I switched to Mustang. It was a blast, but I only kept the car around a year. I was 26 now, and found myself at the helm of a steel business and behind the wheel of a BMW 750i. No true performance car, to be sure, but I had a deep love for the thing and felt it was time to go back to the auto club that started it all! I showed up one Saturday only to find that the club was no longer there! We had largely gone our separate ways. My passion for cars was put in the trunk for a bit and my business became all-consuming. I married my high school sweetheart (yes, the girl whose dad had the Z3) and we shipped off to Tokyo for the middle leg of our honeymoon! If you haven’t been to this breathtaking city, I would highly recommend that you fix that as soon as you can. From the upper floor of our suite I looked out onto the city... Never had I been more full of inspiration and ambition! Something clicked in that suite that fueled the fires burning in the back of my mind like nothing had since the e39 drive. I founded the social media accounts for SupercarsInDallas that very moment with a glass of Yamazaki 12 at my side, and when we got back stateside, filed the papers creating SupercarsInDallas!

One DB9, one M6, and so many incredible times with the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing later, here we are! It hasn’t been a perfectly smooth ride; we missed many shifts, and there have been plenty of mistakes along the way (get written contracts on literally everything, for instance), but, as we move toward our second anniversary at the time of this writing, and I look back on the more than fifty events we’ve successfully hosted, my personal passions for high-end auto enthusiasm and my appreciation for my fellow SupercarsInDallasites and enthusiasts could not be higher! SupercarsInDallas has seen Bugattis, Koenigseggs, Paganis, Miuras, GTs, 918s, Carrera GTs, SLRs, an XJ220, P1s, Maybachs, Rolls Royces, McLarens, Lamborghini SVs, Ferrari Apertas, and so many more incredible icons of the supercar, yet I could not be more excited about the journey to come! I hope each and every one of you will be with us for it all!! See ya ‘round, and as always... happy driving!!!

-Jordan Agee, Founder and CEO of SupercarsInDallas

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