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SupercarsInDallas 2020 Membership

SupercarsInDallas 2020 Membership

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Get behind the wheel of your Lifestyle

SupercarsInDallas is a private membership club comprised of a collection of exotic, ultra-luxe, and supercar enthusiasts who come together all throughout the year to engage in a world of luxurious and thrilling experiences to cultivate and carry the very passion that makes us enthusiasts in the first place.

Each month is host to three unique private experiences including one of each type of event described below:

-Adventure or Feature
Whether a weekend rally to the far reaches of the state and beyond, a tactical shooting adventure, helicopter tours to racetracks, karting championships, or just about anything else you can imagine, these thrilling and unique adventures craft memories that will last forever…

Perhaps a private unveiling of a brand new supercar? Maybe a live paint or fashion show? A private discounted shopping experience at that high-end retailer you covet? Maybe its the private cigar or spirit tasting that whets your appetite? A private movie prescreening? SupercarsInDallas members are privileged to myriad elite experiences.

-Happy Hour
Rotating among the best mixology and brewing efforts in DFW

Rotating each month to a different culinary exploration

This all before the perks of merely possessing Member status with us. Our Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) is an exclusive benefit to SupercarsInDallas Members and is proudly host to more than 40 DFW luxury and automotive retailers who extend deep discounts and free services exclusively to SupercarsInDallas members. From 40% off wheels to 20% off detail and ceramic coating services; 25% off cigars to 15% off high-end jewelry, to many, many more opportunities, the PVP grants you a world of value that can rapidly exceed the cost of your membership. As well as the PVP, our Cars&Cocktails public event will have free drinks a for members.

Memberships are an annual commitment from January to December each year. While they can be purchased at any time throughout the year, you will enjoy the most benefit by becoming a member on or before January 1st.

Allocations for memberships are limited to 30 individuals and are priced at $1650 due at the time of registration.

Existing members of all previous tiers are grandfathered into the program for 2020.